Ease of integration

Unify data from disparate systems for end-to-end monitoring of network service performance.

Multi-vendor monitoring

Get real-time visibility of network data, service characteristics and quality measurements in multiple combinations across multi-vendor network technologies.

Selected examples of integration modules deployed

Evolved Packet Core

  • Cisco (Adaptive Service Router)
  • APNs
  • MME
  • DNS

IP Core and backhaul

  • Nokia/ALU SAM 5620 Provider Edge Routers
  • Layer 2 and 3 (Interconnects, Roaming etc.)
  • Huawei U2000
  • Ceragon


  • Enhanced Charging Service (ECS)
  • PCRF
  • Prepaid Voucher Management
  • USSD
  • Middleware servers
  • Service Delivery platform (SDP)
  • Charging Control Nodes (CCN)

Fixed Line Services

Trouble Ticketing / Incident Management

  • BMC Remedy
  • HP Service Desk
  • Helix

Circuit Switched Core

  • HSS
  • HLR
  • MGW
  • MSC
  • Mobile Voice Routes (Interconnect, RAN, BICC, SIP)
  • Equipment Identity Register
  • Sigtran/C7/SCCP
  • Roaming Signalling (Roamware)


  • SMSC
  • IP SM Gateways

Wifi Calling

  • IP Works
  • EPDG


  • SES
  • DSC
  • MTAF
  • CSCF
  • Broadworks

RAN Network

  • eNodeB
  • RNC
  • BSC
  • RBS


  • Ceragon
  • Huawei
  • Nokia
  • Siemens


VisiMetrix contains an inbuilt IP-based discovery feature. It enables the auto-discovery of network nodes and links which can be dynamically presented within the relevant dashboard layers.

Efficient Webscale Architecture

The VisiMetrix plug-in architecture presents a highly efficient and cost effective framework for integration of a diverse range of network and service data components.

Cloud deployed
and DevOps enabled

VisiMetrix combines the latest internet and open source webscale technologies at a fraction of the cost of traditional OSS solutions and is currently deployed on Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Are you ready to take your monitoring to the next level?